Lost Silence is a prophecy film. Made in 2016, it is still to reveal its sharp relevance in the decade to come. The film’s idea is going to become increasingly tangible through the years.

The film is an emotion, the atmosphere of the moment of solitude and the search for peace. There is no action, no dialogue or drama in the film, as they remained in the world which the character has escaped from. The shooting location, which is one of the “places of power” in Russia, adds to the film’s profound meaning. The film is akey.

Men subdued nature and conquered nuclear energy. Now, in a new era, they found their power turned against themselves. Apart from smoke,fumes of the plants, chemical and radioactive contamination, information pollution has come into play. The pressure is rising day by day: economic competition of generations, geopolitical opposition of countries, wars, sanctions, economic blockades and crises. Pouring on people 24/7, they result in stress, pain, loss, emptiness, antidepressants.

People cannot afford to shirk, as failing to adapt to the rapidly changing reality means being destroyed. There is nothing else for them but to join competition,to rush into the waters of informational effluents, to fight the noise,and to survive against all odds.

Everlasting stress and endless struggle lead to fatigue and loss of meaning. The person strives for silence at such moments. Lost Silence is a film about seeking peace and returning to yourself.